SMO In India

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SMO Fusion Plus India (SMO-India) is a privately owned Site Management Organization, offering comprehensive services headquartered in the heart of India’s Healthcare Services and IT hub, Bangalore. SMO-India has a team of experienced professionals who are highly process-driven in performing global clinical trials. We continually strive to identify and recruit expertise in the field of Clinical Research to fulfill the emerging needs of the healthcare Industry and to bring clinical studies to successful completion quickly and cost effectively. Our sole objective is to support the desired outcome of clinical trials through expeditious enrollment of appropriate patient population in a sustained and globally acceptable manner.

SMO-India works with our clients across India to identify and build the best-suited strategic alliances for outsourcing and conducting outpatient and phase I & IV inpatient clinical trials involving Pharmaceutical, Biological, and Medical Device products. These sites are the crucibles in which clinical research practices and clinical trials are consistently conducted in accordance with ICH, GCP and FDA standards. SMO-India’s large gamut of operations marks it out as a unique organization in terms of the scope of its services, delivery of high performance, lofty ethical standards, quality data and optimal study speed. These attributes of character and strength flow from the organizational controls that begin with equipping of our Clinical Research Coordinators who are qualified in ICH-GCP and further trained and certified by our Investigators, and continues through an array of thorough feasibility analyses of the client studies, before commitments are made. This ensures that the needs of the people we serve are never compromised.